Automate Prospecting and Increase your PROFITS


Old School Marketing Garbage

Sirias Ventures helps Credit Repair CEO's increase your profits in any economy and solve your money problems. No hype, just straight talk from a guy who did it.

Attn: Credit Business Owners...

Automate Prospecting and Increase your PROFITS


Old School Marketing Garbage

Sirias Ventures helps Credit Repair CEOs increase their profits in any economy and solve their cash flow problems. No hype, just straight talk from a guy and a team who have done it.

Money Is The Root Of All Freedom

& It's A Tool You Must Master

Who We Are

We're a team of individuals in the field tired of chasing after prospects and committed to share our cure.

Our Mission

To take businesses in the financial industry to the next level through digital marketing that works.

What We Do

We grow YOUR business by getting you more appointments.

Learn to increase your profits in any economy

and solve your money problems.

  • The end goal is to get more clients and free up your time. We know many ways to do that ;)
  • If you had a marketing guy who started good but overtime was worse, worse, and worse,

with us you don't have to.

  • We help credit repair business owners/credit experts make $10K/month using

sales funnels, delegation, and paid advertising.

Learn to increase your profits in any economy

and solve your cash flow problems.

  • The end goal is to get more clients and free up your time. We know many ways to do that ;)
  • If you had a marketing guy who started good but overtime was worse, worse, and worse,

With us you don't have to.

  • We help credit repair business owners/credit experts make $10K/month using

sales funnels, delegation, and paid advertising.

See What Our Clients Say

Credit Academy VIP $0 to $10K MRR in 90 Days

Credit Academy VIP is a credit coaching program that offers credit mentoring and hacking. They had a great program but lacked a scalable method for attracting and onboarding new students, leading to a low signup rate along with unpredictable revenue & cash flow.

The Process

Joey Grayson CEO, approached Sirias Ventures back in August 2019 to engage our team. We simplified their messaging, set up both paid and organic outreach strategies, placed multiple key appointment-setter positions, increasing average weekly sales calls from 3 to 30.

Sales Call Uplift Over 90 Days

They currently sit on $30,000 of potential recurring revenue with 30% month-over-month growth. Joey says “If you are tired of working a lot and not earning as much as you want, or you’re tired of paying too much for marketing, sign up with Sirias Ventures”


Niche: Credit Consulting

Result: $0 to $10K in 90 Days

Founder: Joey Grayson

See What Our Clients Say

That's Why We Created Sirias Ventures

What is it?

Sirias Ventures is NOT just another marketing agency that gets you a few random leads and prospects and that only hear from you once and then forget about.

Sirias Ventures gives you access to the online platforms to reach your ideal clients as you'll learn how you can build a following on social media, how you can turn your followers into true fans (aka build a brand) and you'll also get a proven framework that you can simply follow and use to make your first $10,000 with less work.

There will be no guesswork or confusion, but certainty and clarity, because you can simply follow a bullet proof framework that's proven to work!

With Sirias Ventures you'll master:

 3 Steps to Get 10+ Appointments per Week Without Waiting 9 Months For It to Happen ($2,997/mo)

Since starting in early 2020, the agency has served over a dozen credit experts who want to spend less time IN their business and more time ON their business. We help them help them create a truly scalable business.

 How to Attract Your Ideal Clients Without a Masters in Psychology or Technology Information ($4,997/mo)

You'll receive the exact A-Z guide and tools that we implement every day to systemize & attract qualified appointments into our business.

How Getting In Debt Was My Best Investment Without Paying Any Interest ($1,997/mo)

The secret recipe to our system is simple. Our automation tools for following up will give you the freedom to focus on becoming a CEO - not a freelancer!

Total Value: $9,991 + Bonuses

Take a look at everything down below and learn how I generated over 100 appointments in 90 days with the right system and skill-sets.

I Figured Out HOW Building a Prospecting Machine Works, Did It for One Friend At 20 And Generated Over $15,000 In Sales In 90 Days...

Hi, I´m Adolfo Sirias.

And for the first-time ever, I´m going to take you behind the scenes and reveal...

...HOW I generated over $15,000 in sales in 90 days with digital marketing skills that have been used for years and how you can use my "Domination Formula" to build a solid credit repair company and make your first $1,000 online (even $100,000)...

See, Everyone who's making money online is using a formula...

People like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk use it to make millions of dollars, but don´t share it loud enough... That's just the reality!

The good news is that in just a moment I'm going to share with you how you can get the "Domination Formula" and how you can use it to build your credit business online and to make your first $1,000 or more, too.

This strategy took me from being a disoriented student who played with many "opportunities" all day long and had no idea what he should do with his life to $5,000+ per month. I also used it to generate...

Over $15,000 in sales in 90 days.

And yeah, thanks to these skills and the Domination Formula I now live a better life and closer to my dreams in beautiful Miami, BUT look... just a year ago I had no clarity of life and no money in my bank account.

Literally no money.

I ran up and down in school all day long to catch up with work and have "fun" with friends and went to school just to graduate and get a good job.

That system isn't for me nor you!!!

I wanted to break out of the system and be a real leader. I didn't want to work in another boring 9-5 for the next 40 years and rely in the modern slavery system...

I wanted to make more out of this life!

You know... at that point in my life I saw all these people from all over the world on social media traveling the world, visiting awesome places, driving cool cars and making money...

They really inspired me and I wanted the same lifestyle...

I had the dream to one day:

  • Live where others go vacation...
  • Be FREE and just do what I love...
  • Travel the world...
  • ​Make money doing what I love...
  • ​Be able to support my family & friends...
  • ​Live the life of my dreams.
  • ​And after school I also wanted to travel through 90 countries with my then-girlfriend...

I wanted to stay in a cool house near the beach so that I could wake up, jump in the water and just feel grandious.

The problem was I had no money.

As I said… I was a broke student!

That's why I got a 9-5 job during the summer break to make some money...

In that 9-5 I quickly realized...

...that I was not happy and working in a 9-5 job would NOT allow me to reach my goals or make my dreams come true. 

After just a few days I already felt buried and burned out…

I didn't want to work in a boring 9-5 job my whole life.

I wanted to break out of the system and NOT be a slave of it!

One day I came back home and knew that it'd never be the same!

I knew that I'd do anything possible to never again work in a job I hate. I knew that I'd find a way to break out of the system!

That's why I started searching for ways to leverage credit and make money online. I had to find a way to make money doing what I love.

Thanks to this system I am closer to living the life of my dreams! Keep reading and learn how you too can grow your credit business...

I said to myself: “I'll find a way to make money doing what I love!” and “I'll make my dreams come true and I'll fight for a brighter future.”

I swore to myself... THAT... I'd find ways to make money doing what I love. I swore to myself that I'd never give up, that I'd stay strong and fight through hard times!

I then started analyzing all these people that I saw on Instagram and Facebook living the life of their dreams.

AND what I figured out is that all these successful people who make money doing what they love... 

...have ONE thing in common!!!

The ONE Thing They All Have In Common Is That...

They All Have A Prospecting System

I figured out that building a community online is the key to making money online!

And that's why I started studying those people. I talked to them and learned everything I could.

All of them told me:

"In today’s world building a community is the key to making money online and for that you need a system"...

I quickly realized that a system is the hottest word for business owners with true freedom...

...AND that building a prospecting system is the fastest and easiest way!

That's why I learned everything about building a system to attract new people…

I read books, watched YouTube videos and learned through trial and error, because I have the dream to one day live the life of my dreams, be FREE and make money doing what I love.

I then started making my first money investments and guess what?!

I still struggled for a loooong time...

BUT After Over 9 Months, Yes… 9 Long Months

I Finally Got The First 10,000 Dollars.

I was so happy, because I worked so hard for that goal for over 9 months and then I finally reached it.


When I reached the 10,000 dollar mark I decided, that I'd focus on building systems and skill-sets...

But... NOTHING Worked For Me...

I tried sooo many things.

I tried affiliate marketing, I tried to sell coaching calls, I tried to make money with digital products...

...but nothing really worked for me.

One day I came back from a long school day. Totally tired I opened the door, walked into the kitchen, got myself a water and waited for my mom who was coming from work.

Everything was good until she randomly said: "Adolfo, what do you want to do after school? In just a few months you'll graduate and I want to know what you want to do after it. You can't stay here at home doing nothing and "try" to make money online. You need to get a real job or go back to school!"

Telling by her body language, I knew that she was dead serious!

I knew I had to start making money to prove her that this whole online marketing thing works!

I didn't want to be a slave of the system and work in a boring 9-5 my whole life!!!

This system changed my life and it can change your life too! Keep reading and join the Sirias Ventures family...

I said to myself: “Adolfo!! You´ll not give up and be a slave of the system!"

You´ll give 110% and fight through hard times and work for a brighter future!” I then decided: From now on you'll give 110%.

You'll take action and do whatever it takes! I told myself: “Adolfo! From now on you´ll be an Action Taker.

You´ll take action and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true!

You´ll give 110%."

And that's what I did!

I refreshed all my knowledge, learned from the best and developed a new strategy.

Look at this!!! I've made thousands with digital marketing in no time! That's the power of it... If I can do it, then your business can do it too.

The "Domination Formula"

Until that point I didn't make any money. But at the beginning of 2020 I started using a formula.

My Social Media Accounts Started Growing!!! Not just 2 followers per day. The account started growing 10 followers per day then 20, 30 and 40. Yes that's right my account started growing 40 new followers per day.

I Also Started Making Money.

I started making $100 per day, then $200, then $300 and $500.

Wow that feeling was phenomenal.

One day I woke up and I realized that I made my first $1,000 on the internet! That day EVERYTHING changed!

Because that's when I realized that EVERYTHING... possible in today's world and that I'll be able to make my dreams come true with these skills and system!

That's when I went ALL IN and really started taking action!

And guess what!?

Within 60 days I made $4,971..!!!

YES, that's right...

...with that strategy...

...just with my phone and with my laptop. 

  • I made over $10,000 in one month at the age of 20...

That feeling was soooo great, because all the hard work finally paid off!

I was so happy, because I had that goal to make $10,000 in ONE month for so long and then I finally reached it!


...with the "Domination Formula" and all the other strategies...

I also got over...:

  • 300 likes on one post...
  • 10,000 impressions on one post...
  • ​​And over 300+ NEW followers in ONE month...

Then in the summer I started travelling the world...

We travelled through the Dominican Republic, worked on our businesses, made lots of money, met amazing people, saw the most beautiful places of this world, just enjoyed life and had an amazing time!

Then, at the beginning of 2020 I came back to Miami for a new project. 

I started it with a business partner and it was an absolute success for both of us!

I Then Switched To Serve Credit Repair Experts (At 20)...

And Generated Over $3,000 In Sales In 9 Days With The Same System...

That Also Works In Yours!

And since then, life has simply been a movie!

  • I got to work with A-grade entrepreneurs...
  • Generated over $3,000 in sales in 9 days...
  • Interviewed amazing people from all around the world and helped them to monetize their accounts...
  • ​Moved into a new level of mindset...
  • ​Got enough points for 5-star Luxury restaurants, hotels and brands...
  • ​Made thousands of dollars with the internet...
  • ​Helped dozens of people succeed on the internet...
  • ​Was able to invite my friends to cool places AND had the most amazing time with them...

And all that thanks to systems and skills and the work put in!

And for all that, I'm just beyond grateful, because look...

...just 2 years ago I was a broke student from a small town in Nicaragua who had no idea what he should do with his life.

I was shy, didn't have many friends and chased money and idea fads all day long.

You now might be thinking... "What, that's crazy!"

And yes it is... if someone 2 years ago would have told me that I'd one day be closer to living the life that I envision right now then I would have probably said to them that they're crazy...

But yeah, that just shows that EVERYTHING is possible in today's world!


Since implementing the "Domination Formula"...

I've also had the privilege to do business with and learn from some of the biggest celebrities, business mavericks, and thought leaders in the world... 

All of these incredible results happened because I followed the same process you’re going to learn and that we’re going to implement so you can achieve similar results fast!

What you’ll be able to get today is the exact same formula that my clients, business partners, my mentors and I have been quietly using for years to generate millions of dollars!

So if you’re tired of having nothing to show for in your credit business… 

...not being able to do what you love, not being free to enjoy life, then pay close attention...

...because with the "Domination Formula" and with the Sirias Ventures agency you´ll be able to:

Bold Claim, I Know...

  • Build a huge community on the internet...
  • Build a highly profitable credit repair online business...
  • Make your first $1,000 online with ease...
  • ​Make $100,000 (or more) in the next 6 months...

So that you can...:

  • Break out of the system and be a real business owner...
  • Be financial free...
  • Travel the world and see the most beautiful places...
  • Get your dream car and enjoy life..
  • Support your family and friends...
  • ​Enjoy life...
  • Be FREE and only do what you love...
  • ​And just "live the life of your dreams"...

Because the “Domination Formula” is misunderstood and ignored by most people and because most people don't even know that this formula exists, you can use it to quickly gain an unfair advantage that will allow you to build a raving community online and make your first $1,000 with it!

Thanks to our system I even interviewed Chris & Eric Martinez who help Fitness Pros (P.S. You'll get that video with the Sirias Ventures agency that you'll learn more about in a second...)

Anyways... Rather than me just talking about the results I've been able to create, even more importantly, let me show you what this has done for my clients and people I work with...

Joey Grayson, founder of the Credit Academy said...

"I Made Over $9,000 In Profit..."
With Adolfo's help and just his strategies, I made over $9,000 in profit which is mind-blowing! The formula he gave me was relatively easy to put together and gave me incredible results."

Or Robby Kuswara, founder and CEO of Crimson Shadow Media who said:

"I Learned A Lot From Him..."
Robby Kuswara is a Branding Expert and is the founder of Crimson Shadow Media. Since 2019, he´s an official member of Media councils and he used social media to generate thousands of dollars in sales in just a few months.

That's the POWER of Systems...

And the cool thing is that you can use it too!

Anyways... I'm super proud of my clients, students and business partners for taking massive action and getting the results they've got this far...

...and it's only just the beginning for them, and for YOU!

Now, although I can’t promise that you’ll experience the same results as Joey and Torben and my other business partners and clients...

Here's What I Can Promise You...

No matter whether you are just getting started or whether you already have an online system or a business.

With the "Domination Formula" and the strategies from the Sirias Ventures agency you´ll be able to build a solid prospecting system and you'll 110% be able to make your first $1,000 with it!

110%! I know it!

Doesn't matter, whether you...:

  • Are a complete beginner...
  • Already have a toolkit of softwares and want to get to the next level...
  • Have your own product or not...
  • Have no technical skills...
  • ​Don't know anything about social media and funnels...
  • Only have 30 minutes per day...

With the "Domination Formula" and the Sirias Ventures agency you´ll be able to build a prospecting machine and you'll make your first $1,000 with it!

Now... because the "Domination Formula" is so powerful and because it helped me, my mentors, clients and business partners to generate millions of dollars in sales I decided that I want to implement the "Domination Formula" in your credit business.

The day my life changed was the day I made my first $1,000! I want you to have the same experience. I want you to make $1,000 and even more with our system! That's why I created the Sirias Ventures agency.

I Decided To Put Together My Battle Tested & Proven Digital Business System...

That EVERYONE Can Use To Make Their First $1,000 Online!

The system that I put together is built in a way so that EVERYONE can use it to make their first $1,000 with the internet!

Because look... once you make your first $1,000 everything else becomes easy! The first $1,000 are the hardest. And trust me... when you make your first $1,000 with a solid system EVERYTHING will change! Because you'll then realize that everything is possible in today's world! And that's when you'll really start taking action and make your dreams and goals come true!

Right now I spend 3 hours and 23 minutes per day on average on my phone... and that’s a long time, but I don’t use that time simply to consume content!

I don’t waste it ❌ I use it to manage different accounts for my clients, for my business partners and for myself!

Every advertisement that we publish makes us dollars 💵 and thanks to social platforms I am now closer to living the life of my dreams! I wake up whenever I want, I don't have to worry about money, I can support my family and friends, I can eat out in the best restaurants, travel the world, drive cool cars and live a life of freedom!

All thanks to systems! Systems changed my life and it can change yours too!

Who will be your mentor throughout this process?

Throughout high school and college, I was VERY involved in school activities. I knew I wanted to travel, get paid to go to school, and do other "cool" things.The problem was, though, I was always juggling activities and breaking a few hearts in the attempts.

Deep down, I knew I had to focus.

But, that didn't keep me from doing it over and over again.

One day after graduating, I looked at my bank account and my belly sank.

That's when it clicked, school was over. It was game time. Nobody was paying for my so-called "education" anymore..

So I embarked on a quest to find the Minimum Effective Dose of Skills for business success.

Sales, Marketing, and Delivery (your core skill). I learned it from one of my many coaches and mentors.

From that point forward, I decided to close my eyes to everything that is not sales, marketing, and delivery.

And because people buy people, I invite you to join me in the journey...

Click the button below and i will show you step by step.

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  • How long will it take for me to see the results?

I love games. So, whether you work with us or not, you should have goals.

We'll lay out goals based on the stage you're in.

  • Do you have any guarantees?

Yes. I guarantee that if you keep doing what you're doing,

you will get twice the results in the next 90 days. If what you're doing works,

be happy. Otherwise, answer the questions above.

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